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By Brenda Lorenz- photos Michael McBee/ Creative Pics and Video

Fireworks came early at the recently opened Floridian Social Club on Friday night, July 2, welcoming Soul Circus Cowboysl to their coveted stage. Billy Mcknight, (Front man/singer/songwriter), Dewey Buxton (Rhythm guitar/vocals), Ron Zebron (Lead guitar/vocals), James Caulk (Bass), and Jesse Ian (Drums/vocals), had the crowd rocking from the first song – giving them exactly what they wanted which was clearly some hard driving, southern country/rock live music, breathing life back into all of us that have missed it so much!

Their fourth and most recent CD, “Rolling Across America” was just released in June 2021. You’ve got truckers, bikers, partiers, and proud Americans! It covers it all and then some! The producer is none other than Frank Myers, singer and Grammy award winning songwriter.

They performed every song on this new CD, plus several from previous albums, making this night everything you could want! With originals like these, who needs covers! Their first set was kicked off with “Party in the Barn”, and MAN, did that describe the atmosphere of people dancing and soaking up the party! “Rolling Across America”, the title track to this newest CD, gave that same vibe while showing appreciation to those making long hauls – across America! Keeping things rocking with more from their just-released CD, “Cowboys and Outlaws”, “Gator Girl” and “Iron and Steel” incited more dancing! These are not songs for the weak-hearted! If these don’t get your blood pumping, you might be dead! Then slowing it down some and showing the romantic side of SCC, “Loving You Loving Me” reminds us of the important things in life and realizing in the moment what you have while you still have it. Couples took advantage of the moment and took to the dance floor.

My favorite moment of the night was when they did “I Stand”! An incredibly inspiring and patriotic song making it the perfect song as the 4th of July was approaching. From the back of the room came a huge American flag being carried through the crowd captivating the audience even more! Chills!
“Leather and Chrome”, “Gotta Get Me One of Them”, and “Beautiful Women” were more originals from previous albums. Every song these guys performed seemed to leave the audience begging for more! “No Tattoos” filled that order with a side of respect and honor for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

The second set had a few more covers where drummer, Jesse Ian, displayed his vocal talent in “Listen to the Music”, then again on a song you probably never heard any other band do – the theme song from the 70s sitcom, The Jefferson’s, “Moving on Up”! Didn’t see that coming! He wasn’t done yet – with a twist on “Sweet Home Alabama” putting in a splash of jazzy rap – just for something completely different! Before the night ended, they went back to one more original, winding down the evening with “I Can’t Imagine”. Beautiful song about a man in love and not afraid to say it.

I spoke with Billy before the show to get some insight on how SCC got to where they are. I had to ask about the band name. Soul Circus Cowboys, formed in 2010, just fits who they are while bringing their personalities together and allowing them to just open up to whatever they feel like. No restrictions with a name like that. They were on their way to fulfilling dreams when the pandemic hit in March 2020. Their touring area was significantly shaken. Before, they did some shows in Georgia and in most of Florida, with occasional opportunities in the surrounding states. Then the lock-down of everything broke the back of live music. For SCC, it also brought the departure of some band members. Not being one to give up, Billy McKnight, along with his life-long friend, Dewey Buxton, creatively overcame these challenges and have now come back stronger than ever! What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger – very accurate here! Their plans going forward are to keep successfully moving in that direction, taking advantage of everything that comes their way. Their music has even been noticed in New Zealand with some radio airplay time! No limits!

This was a night I won’t forget, and neither will the Floridian Social.