Roxx Rocks

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By Rachelle Greenberg

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be at The Crowbar covering a show and was introduced to a new band to the Tampa Bay area. Roxx Revolt & the Velvet’s, a southwest Florida glam/punk/rock band who has just recently signed a major international recording contract with music mogul Steven Machat of SSK records. Roxette Barrios aka Roxx (lead singer, guitarist) took a break from the studio, where they are recording their album ‘Turn Your Head This Way’ which will be released the end of this year, to talk with me. “This rock album will have a little bit of everything in it”, Roxx said. She continued, “When you listen to an album you wanna have a little bit of all the emotions in it.”

Roxx is a Venezuelan born musician who came to America to follow her dream. Always knowing since she was a little girl that she wanted to be a singer, she started learning how to play piano, guitar, flute and bass. Being classically trained in piano, she was destined to be a rock star! Being able to play so many instruments, when I asked her which was her favorite, ”drums & piano!” she exclaimed, “Those two instruments I want to master”. Before she came here in 2015 she had already been in 2 bands, the first one, at the age of 13, consisted of other 13 year old’s. When she was 16 she formed her 1st original band, which stayed together for almost 4 years. Once she was here in the US she found it a bit difficult to find a band, so she labeled herself more as a solo act. Although she is not against the idea of a solo album in the future, she prefers to be in a band. The musical styles of these 4 artists who form RR&TV is truly a perfect fit. Roxx Revolt & the Velvet’s consists of Roxx Barrios – vocals/guitar; Dan Heath – bass/backup vocals; Chris Campo – percussion; Jake Shockley – guitar/backup vocals.

This is what you’ll get at one of RR&TV’s shows…a band that takes the stage with an energy level dialed in at an 11. Their performance makes you feel part of the show itself. If you missed their last show here on 7/10, don’t worry they will be coming back to The Crowbar .on Sat. August 28th for “Summer Slam”. Put it on your calendars and come meet me there, because “Rockin’ out is what I do!”