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By Brenda Lorenz

Have you seen this band based in in Pinellas County, led by one of the most prolific guitarists in all of Florida, Dave Arazmo? If you haven’t, let me tell you what you’re missing!

This incredibly versatile and talented band rocked, shocked, and amazed the lucky patrons on patio of Caddy’s Gulfport Saturday afternoon (7/10/21)! Dave Arazmo, (lead vocals and guitar), Ken Dromm (keys), Jeremy Korb (bass), and Sean McDonald (drums) added some spice to my weekend with their music from pretty much everything I grew up with and loved! The array of songs and genres was more than most bands attempt. The talent level was more than you might be used to seeing… therefore More is More is accurate!

Classic rock, pop, yacht rock, disco, and beach music, and even some country hits were in their arsenal. Starting with “Gimme Three Steps”, I knew they were the real deal! Covering many songs most bands don’t, More is More is definitely “Smooth” (as in Santanta/Rob Thomas “Smooth”)! “Surrender” (Cheap Trick), and “Everlong” (Foo Fighters) featured their singing drummer, Sean McDonald. I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I see the drummer sing, it just ratchets things up a notch! “The Joker” (Steve Miller Band), “Crossfire” (Stevie Ray Vaughan), “Smoke on the Water” (Deep Purple), and some country hits by Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, and Charlie Daniels! When they started “Purple Rain”, I thought “oh wow…can they really…?” Oh Yeah! They blew me away along with everyone within a mile! People walking by stopped! This was impressive! This, and every song they cover, is done to perfection, as a “tribute” to each original artist. You’ll hear many songs you fell in love with that you may not have heard in years. When was the last time you heard a band cover “Baker Street” (Gerry Rafferty) or “Lowdown” (Boz Scaggs)? It’s really an experience that can take you back to those days as quickly as if you were hearing them on the radio. One unique approach Dave told me about is an enhanced compilation version where they blend Tom Petty with Led Zeppelin producing “Led Petty”! Now that’s how you set yourself apart from other bands!

Dave Arazmo formed MORE is MORE in 2017 after being part of his first band, The Arazmo Band (1988-1995) then playing in another band, Big Brother, for several years. Learning at each venture, he and his band of amazing musicians come together with an ability to play off each other in a way that can’t be scripted. Not only are they instrumentally and vocally gifted, but the comedy they do between songs was actually hilarious and refreshing! You know they are down-to-earth guys, fun, and absolutely worth checking out a show! This comes from having fun with his bandmates and anyone in the audience that’s paying attention – and you can’t help but pay attention! You never know what he’s going to say as I found myself trying not to spit my margarita from laughing!

Now that we are living our lives again after the pandemic, we can get out and support live music! Musicians need this after having their livelihoods put on indefinite hold with little to no income for many. Having this ability and freedom back is exciting because, for a while there, I, along with everyone else, was worried this may never come back to its full existence. You never truly appreciate what you have until it’s ripped away!
So if you missed More is More at Caddy’s Saturday night, don’t fret! You get another chance this Saturday night (7/17/21) at the newly opened Whiskey Wings in St. Pete! See you there!