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EV V Frederick’s new project (Kind Villain ) music video of 8TEEN puts a whole new spin on this song. Kind Villain’s take of 8TEEN rocks with youthful energy so fitting to this piece. EV’s vocals have a cool punky flavor that perfectly rides on a track laid down by a young band of very accomplished players. EV is a Tampa Bay talent to watch. This singer, guitarist and songwriter has a stellar future ahead of him.

Kind Villain is signed to Panacea Records, an independent label founded by Bill Ray and Paul Trust. The label has released music by artists including Morgan Wallen, Atom Smash, Endo, and Sunday Driver. The label’s President Bill Ray told Tampa Bay Music News that Kind Villain’s first song “Throw the Radio” was released over one month ago and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, along with iTunes. “8teen” is their second release.

Panacea sees Kind Villain as their new breakout discovery in the rock genre as was the label’s find of country star Morgan Wallen. Panacea released Morgan’s debut EP, “Stand Alone,” in 2015. Morgan Wallen’s catalog has garnered $8.005 million in revenue from U.S. sales and streams in 2021 as estimated by Billboard