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By photojournalist Georgia Lingerfelt

Benson Boone released his debut album,, Fireworks & Rollerblades just two weeks ago, but you would never know that by the packed-out crowd at Jannus Live who sang every lyric. Boone is no stranger to beginner’s luck, his career is littered with success in his first times.

His musical journey began when his friend asked him to play piano at their high school Battle of the Bands. The lead singer dropped out of the band the night before the show and Boone stepped up to be the lead on his first-ever musical performance, winning the competition.

Boone next tried his hand at competing on national television; auditioning and making the cut on American Idol. After making it to the top 24, Boone decided to leave because he didn’t want his future success to be attributed to the TV show. But by the time he left, Benson had already built an audience of loyal fans. He continued growing an audience online, posting many singing videos on TikTok. He accumulated 1.7 million followers on the platform before he released a song. His first single, “Ghost Town” was also the first time the singer tried his hand at songwriting. The single art was hand drawn by Boone, his first time doing a charcoal drawing. “Ghost Town” saw the charts in 16 different countries.

Alongside the debut single release, Benson Boone announced his signing with Night Visions Records, under Warner, by Imagine Dragons frontman, Dan Reynolds. Reynolds and Boone share alma mater BYU. The pair both briefly attended the university before getting kicked out and leaving to start their musical career, respectively.

Benson Boone has a knack for deeply emotional, sensitive lyrics and powerful vocals. His debut album showcases the growth of not only his talent but also himself. “Ghost Town” explores themes of self-destructive tendencies in relationships and choosing to stay in control by leaving first. The lead single off his debut album and his biggest success to date, “Beautiful Things,” directly contrasts this. Boone shows an appreciation for the love he has found and begs that it stays that way, being clear he has no intentions to leave. This new iteration of vulnerability has given Boone 12 consecutive weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a career peak at the number two spot.

Benson Boone brought energy and compassion to his live show this past Friday night to a sold-out crowd. Many fans held up signs to show their support for the young star. One fan revealed that she had recently been cheated on. Boone took a moment to console the fan asking her name and that of her ex. During his song “Hello Love,” Boone changed the lyrics from “I could bleed and die” to “I hope Jaden dies” bringing some humor to a tough situation.

This was just the beginning of personal fan interactions. Following the performance of “Friend,” the hook being “I need a friend,” Cohen, a young fan, threw a paper airplane on stage. Benson opened the folded paper to reveal a message: “Benson, you have a friend.”

Between stunning vocals and tender moments, Boone utilized his skills from his competitive diving years by flipping across the stage. He ran from each end of the stage to make sure every fan got a good glimpse of him. He frequently jumped down to the gearboxes placed below the stage to get even closer to fans.

Benson Boone closed out the night with his ultra-successful single “Beautiful Things,” but the crowd work wasn’t over. He invited an enthusiastic college student on stage to sing with him, making the young man’s night.