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To say it was a hot summer evening would be a massive understatement. Even with the blistering heat, the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre was filled with anxious fans waiting for The All-American Rejects Unfortunately for some, anxious turned into impatience as the show was delayed for over an hour. The word on the street was one of the tour vehicles broke down and got there 3 hours late.
Start times kept changing as they were still trying to get everything set up. The first two acts The Get Up Kids and The Starting Line, had their sets cut really short with The Starting Line only performing 4 songs. Both of these acts performed with little to no lighting and through issues with the P.A. Kenny Vasoli Singer/Bassist for The Starting Line gave a big shout out of appreciation for everyone for sticking around.
New Found Glory went on after a long change over and performed about 30 minutes give or take, just enough time to play all their most notable songs. At this point the lights seemed to be working and the P.A. issues were sorted out. I will be featuring New Found Glory in an upcoming article in my new series AMPlified, so stay tuned to Tampa Bay Music News for that.

Finally, after another 20-minute change over, All American Rejects broke through the darkness. Their set was cut short as well, but that did not deter them from putting on a great performance. The opening number Swing Swing had the crowd singing along and cheering. In total, the Rejects ended up only performing 9 songs from what originally was supposed to be an hour and forty-minute set.
All the acts did the best they could under the circumstances. That said, as thankful as many in attendance were glad that they got to see the bands, they were just as disappointed for paying full price for half the show.
AAR is one of my favorite bands, but I have to say that I felt some disappointment. This was the first show of the Wet Hot All-American Summer Tour and not a great way to start out. In show business there is a saying, “The Show Must Go On.” I applaud the bands for trying to do just that. Hopefully they will find a way to make it up to the fans that came out to support them.

For more about the bands and the tour visit their websites.
Now go out and see some live music!!!!