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If you’ve seen Green Holiday (Green Day tribute band) or F19, then you undoubtedly have heard of EV V Frederick, bassist & front man. His new band, Kind Villain, has recently been signed with Panacea Records & I had the privilege of attending a private concert debuting this powerhouse of musicians.

William Ray , “the mastermind” of Panacea Records, has been developing artists for over 25 years and is best known for discovering, among many others, country superstar Morgan Wallen. William was attending last year’s Strawberry Festival and was blow away by Ev’s performance with his band F19. After signing Ev, they collaborated with Paul Trust (co-owner of Panacea Records, accomplished song writer & master producer) and Serg Sanchez (from the band Atom Smash), to cultivate Kind Villain.

Together, they all worked diligently to find the perfect musicians to compliment Ev’s vocal range & stage presence. Introducing; John Barrett and Andrew Rotunno , two incredible guitarists (and back up vocalists) who bring with them years of music theory, recording & touring. They found the right drummer to support this powerhouse trio, Kat Gigante. She has played all genres of music from Funk to Punk. Alone, she certainly sets the stage on fire, but together, she completes this puzzle. Her amazing beats and enthusiasm perfectly complement Ev’s explosive energy.

This past weekend TBMN had the privilege to attend an intimate performance by Kind Villain at Spatterdash Studios in Hudson. During the show we clearly could see the results of all their hard work. Their stage presence rivals that of any mainstream band. Their songs are solid and undoubtedly you will be seeing and hearing them sometime soon. Check out “Throw the Radio”, their first release about a month ago (which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music). Their next song, soon to be released, is a re-imagined cover of Khalid’s song, “8teen”.

Kind Villain is electrifying & I personally believe they will be the next band to take off out of Tampa Bay. This is Flava Rae, rocking out…because it’s “what I do!”