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By Rachelle Flava Rae Greenberg / Photos by Dave Moto (Fastlane MusicMedia)

It all started with a date night at Gigglewaters in Safety Harbor a few months back, when we notice the SHAMc (Safety Harbor Art and Music Center) a truck is pulling a flatbed mobile stage and parked out front. Shaun Hopper & Chris Barbosa played a 20 minute mini concert to entertain everyone. However, It wasn’t just Gigglewaters to get the honor of a SHAMc show, this was just one of five stops on their route that night. This was the first of many upcoming SHAMc mobile shows during the Covid shutdown.

Kiaralinda and Todd founders of SHAMc, (a volunteer driven community based art and music center) truly love Safety Harbor and give back to it in many ways. During these turbulent times we have all shared difficulties with income, employment and our overall mental health. Kiaralinda & Todd took something that was a staple at the Safety Harbor Christmas parades and festivals and gave a home for the musicians to play, and better yet…for a LIVE audience, at a safe distance.

The idea started when during the shutdown, even though things were closed, people’s porches and driveways weren’t. Todd & Kiaralinda thought, why not incorporate the SHAMc float with local musicians to perform live music again? Would such a fantastic idea continue once we were out of the pandemic? They confessed, “I hope so, ‘cause the musicians and patrons really love the concept, so we will hopefully continue it in the future.” SHAMc is currently looking for sponsors and funding for shows.

This night’s mobile stage was a family Christmas show featuring Safety Harbor’s Robin Zander and his children Robin-Sailor and Robin Taylor and boy, talent sure does run in this family! Robin Zander, being a long time resident of Safety Harbor, is a regular contributor to their art & music culture.
When you are in Safety Harbor look for the large mirrored mosaic building and huge pink elephant on the corner of 7th Ave. & 2nd St. you won’t be disappointed!
Give a tax-deductible donation to this volunteer non-profit organization. All proceeds go to art and music programming for children and adults. You can even consider putting them in your will or donating your appreciated stocks to SHAMc. Call 727-725-4018 for more details.

George Hudak

George Hudak, Publisher: A music lover since he first heard the Beatles. George began promoting concerts and managing bands in his late teens. After graduating from New York University he went on to a very stellar career in public relations and advertising. Now, since relocating to Tampa from NY he found the music scene here so vibrant it lured him back to music again. Mr. Hudak has assembled a talent team of likeminded “music lover” writers, photographers and filmmakers to launched Tampa Bay Music News.