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By Photojournalist Chaz Dykes

Rod Stewart is known for his energetic performances and powerful vocals, and it’s impressive to see that he continues to deliver great shows even in his late 70s. Rod is known for being a versatile performer who can adapt to different settings and connect with audiences in a variety of ways. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Tampa Event Center is a more intimate venue compared to the larger arenas and stadiums that he’s used to performing in. That did not stop him from delivering a larger than life show.

I really enjoyed this show; Rod and his band were just stellar. Rod mentioned that he didn’t know how he felt about performing at the venue given that he is used to stadiums and arenas. But he added that once he stepped out onto the stage he felt right at home.

I have said many times before, The Hard Rock Event Center is a wonderful venue. If you haven’t seen a show there you are missing out on opportunities to see some great shows in an awesome venue. On behalf of myself and Tampa Bay Music News, I would like to thank Kevin, Sara, and Darien at The Hard Rock for everything they do to allow us to bring our coverage of these shows to all of our readers. Now go out and see some live music!!!!!