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By contributing photojournalist Tracy May

The line for entrance started forming around 5:30am Tuesday morning for the Cuban Club performance of Phoebe Bridgers, and despite temps climbing into the mid 90’s by afternoon, it continued to grow. I didn’t see where it ended, but by 11:30am, it easily ran the length of two blocks, with attendees taking shelter from the Tampa heat using umbrellas and beach pop-up shelters. Gates opened at 7pm.

Bridgers has moved her current tour to outdoor venues only and required attendees to provide the now familiar “proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test within 48 hours prior to entry”.
The opening set performed by Charlie Hickey was off to a great start, but was soon paused when Charlie noticed an attendee in distress. Paramedics and concert security were onsite to provide assistance, unfortunately the need for medical assistance wasn’t a one-time incident.
No fewer than four pauses occurred during Charlie’s set.

Despite these occurrences, the crowd remained positive and appeared to enjoy the set, although they were there for Phoebe Bridgers. Fans in attendance were treated to exactly that type of special experience that is Phoebe Bridgers. With the threat of rain hanging over the venue, the crowd was ready for the 9:15 appearance of Ms. Bridgers, who powered through a 75-minute set, despite her own pauses for attendees in distress. It was a special night not soon to be forgotten.