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By Rachelle Flava Rae Greenberg Photo by Dave Moto

All Access Recording has a new team member, Mr Peter Klett-producer, songwriter and original founding member of Platinum selling band Candlebox. Having moved to Florida a few years back and in need of a new studio, Peter was introduced to Ronnie Dee through a mutual friend and soon found a new studio to call home.

I was able to sit down and talk with Peter to find out what it was about All Access Recording that made them stand out from all the other studios. “It has to be the vibe here and the talent of Doug and Ronnie” following up with the most important reason I think, “It really matters who you’re around!” Peter has worked with and produced such artists as: Lotus Crush, Jack Jagger, M99, TSL, Gods At Daybreak, as well as lots of drum-stuff. In the past he mixed a band out of Nepal called Monkey Temple.

Peter’s band, Candlebox found immediate success with the release of its self-titled debut album in July 1993. Candlebox featured four singles: “Change”, “You”, “Far Behind” and “Cover Me”. “Far Behind” reached the top 20, and the album was certified quadruple platinum. The band’s next album, Lucy (1995), was certified gold.

When I asked Peter if he still tours with Candlebox he replied, “No, but I have joined them on tour and we just finished a few reunion shows for the 25th anniversary of our 2nd record.” Out of all his years touring with Candlebox surely there were some highlights? “Yes, yes there were. My favorites that stand out would have to be, touring with Rush, Metallica, and Living Colour. “To play two nights at Madison Square Garden with Rush was incredible. Woodstock ‘94, was the largest audience I have ever performed in front of!”

I wondered what it is about producing that he enjoys? “Easy.” he quickly answered, ”#1. No pressure of performing. #2. I don’t have to write the music. #3. Most importantly… I love putting the song together, building the song. It’s like a blank canvas and you’re building a puzzle piece by piece to create the perfect picture/masterpiece, you become emotionally invested in each project. It becomes like your song too.” Further adding, “I can’t let it go until it’s perfect!” Ronnie Dee told me how it feels having Peter as part of the All Access family “Oh my god, well he’s a cool dude and a great hang, (laughing) not to mention his extensive credentials, he’s ridiculously talented and he’s always gonna add something.

Things I don’t know, he knows.” Ronnie Dee says ” Peter Klett is available to produce world class records here at All Access Recording and we are all lucky!” Sitting down with both of them I also notice the banter go on between them and can see a perfect musical pairing of a couple of geniuses. This is what you will get at All Access Recording working with Peter Klett, Ronnie Dee and Doug Johnston…a finished masterpiece.