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A few years ago, Jim “Juice” Ahern put on a successful Juiceapalooza. After a dismal year and a half of C19 protocols, we have made big strides to make it back to a comfortable normalcy. Jim decided it was now time to pull off Juiceapalooza 2! Playing at this year’s Juiceapalooza was Greg Billings & Tony Wagner and Jeriko Turnpike with proceeds from the show benefiting Dunedin Cares Inc. and Random Acts of Flowers.

As more and more people get comfortable with the notion of going out again, it was a pretty strong turn-out, but given the lineup, I’m not surprised. With an almost carnival like atmosphere, everyone was genuinely happy to see other people and listen to some of music… and most importantly live music.

On tonight’s bill is everyone’s favorite Jeriko Turnpike… Only the legendary Greg Billings and Tony Wagner seemed like the perfect pairing for a night that undoubtedly will be a tremendous release of pent up energy!

HoB provided all their cold brews including IPAs, Stouts, Hefenweizens and other selected thirst-quenching cups of adult beverages. Also covered were the bathroom facilities and food options, ranging from noodles to pizza. Additional views of the band were available in HoB’s open air, upper level.

After Greg Billings and Tony Wagner entertained the crowd, up next was Jeriko Turnpike. Always on top of their game, Jeriko started their evening to satisfy the crowd by bringing Greg back up on stage for some “Soulshine”. As souls shined in the full moon light, the energy and atmosphere was a welcoming memory of times long ago. We can’t wait until Juiceapalooza3!

Saturday night HoB brought us the incredibly popular Doyle’s Revenge. As the night built up, tambourines were shaking, and dancing shoes were on (metaphorically speaking). When asked up on stage to show off my tambourine and dancing skills, I was only more than happy to oblige. Doyle’s seems to make every song feel like a sing-a-long! Acknowledging several birthdays, having as much fun as their audience, Doyle’s guarantees everyone a night of jumping, dancing, and rocking!

Chairs were out, dogs were out… where were you? What better way to spend a beautiful evening in downtown Dunedin? Under a full moon, beverage in hand, friends by your side & music permeating the air. HoB has it covered, and we look forward to many more events. I for one can’t wait, because “rocking out is what I do!” I am Flava Rae and I hope to see you out and about supporting local live music.