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Photojournalist Dave Moto Bishop

A hot and sticky August night at the infamous Jannus Live in Downtown St. Petersburg seemed the perfect recipe to re-kick off the previously postponed “Strange days are over” tour with “The Struts” and new heavyweight support act, The “Starbenders”.

The Starbenders, media labeled as everything from “Glam Punks” to “Glitter Rock” actually defy any real label. I would actually call the band American Rock if I was forced into a label. Lead singer and guitarist Kimi Shelter described the band a little better. She said “We just try to honor the ghost of Rock n Roll past”.

The band consisting of Kimi along with Guitarist Chris Tokaji, Bass player Aaron Lecusne and Drummer Emily Moon formed in Atlanta Ga. In 2013. They had released 3 albums prior to signing with Sumerian Records in May of 2019. They released their 4th effort with “Love Potions” which included the hit “London” and have been on a rapid swing upwards since.

The band ripped through a straight hour set without pausing for breath, while giving us a full compliment of their hits including “Holy Mother”, “Coming up Roses” and their latest release “No one Listened”. I would definitely say the Ghosts of Rock n Roll past were smiling as the crowd roared with approval and saluted with fist and rock horns raised high in the air. These guys played hard and gritty with no need for a ton of special effects, just classic rock poses and amazing musicianship.

This band is all about helping change the world and work with numerous charities. Most notable is their continued support of “Children of the Night”, an organization dedicated to providing intervention in the lives of children who have been sexually exploited and are vulnerable to prostitution and pornography.

It’s my opinion that the Starbenders won’t be a support act for very long and you should catch them while you can!! Starbenders “World Tour” 202?