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By Photojournalist Chaz Dykes of Chaz D Photography

Limp Bizkit brought the Still Sucks Tour to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Event Center in Tampa and tore the roof down. Their performance was driving, aggressive and groovy and had the crowd jumping so hard you could feel the floor move. It was literally the musical equivalent of slapping someone in the face for their enjoyment. Fred Durst was spreading his Dad Vibes while engaging with the audience and making them feel like a part of the show. He even pulled people up on stage to sit and watch, tossed out a skateboard from one of their videos, and gave another person (Jeff, AKA Chad) a mic to sing with him.

Wes Borland gave a raging performance while donned in one of his costumes and wearing his signature black contacts. We all know what a great performer Borland is, but wondering what he is going to wear is one of the things that adds to the anticipation while waiting for the band to come out. DJ Lethal sat high above in the top of this wall of lights and played the hype man while scratching. In-between songs he would spin various songs from other groups to keep the crowd going. Sam Rivers (bass) and John Otto (drums) were thunderous while laying down the foundation for their band mates.

They played all the fan favs like “My Way,” “Nookie,” “Rollin,” “My Generation,” “Full Nelson” (featuring Jeff, AKA Chad) and they finished the night with “Break Stuff.”

For more information on the tour, music, and band news visit their website or social media pages.