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By photojournalist Jayne Drooger and Catherine Seybold

I love these handsome, wonderful men who are the soundtrack of my youth! Both of them have always had an easy way  about them .Jackson Browne opened an amazing and unforgettable concert Thursday night at Amalie Arena with “Somebody’s Baby”. He captivated the audience with 10 more of his Iconic songs ending with “Running on Empty”  before bringing James Taylor to the stage who did a collaboration with him before his set.

James Taylor’s set design was incredible! I have to say I have never seen anything quite like it…from the videos playing behind him during Country Road to the colored teardrop lights coming down from the ceiling for each different musical event! Oh, also it was snowing in the Carolinas behind him when he was “going there in his mind”! It was a feast for the senses.

Taylor’s Fan base is as diverse as his song list. Many of us in the audience have aged along with him but what does and will remain timeless is his music. The intention, emotion and passion He has for his music was palpable. His iconic voice and songs brought the audience on a journey back over 60 years. The Standing ovations were more than I could count.

He included a song written during covid times to a cartoon from the 30s titled “Falling Off a Log”, the actual cartoon was playing in the background singing with him. He sang another written about recovery “That’s Why I’m Here”. His humor made you believe you could be good friends. He shared the stage with some incredible musicians, many of whom have been with him for years. In addition, a choir of 5 harmonizing voices including his son Henry joined him in his final encore song, “Close Your Eyes”

What a night filled with memories and happy tears.