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By Georgia Lingerfelt, photo by Javi Perez
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Des Rocs is the modern embodiment of the suave, leather-wearing rockers of previous generations. Born Daniel Rocco, artist Des Rocs is this generation’s strongest promise of a return to authentic rock. Rocco’s journey began in the heart of New York City. He is inspired by classic artists such as Elvis, Queen, Queens of the Stone Age, and more but prides himself on being the bridge between generations.

Rocco understands that progress, in rock ‘n’ roll is anything but linear. That’s why he approaches every stage like it’s his last. He plays club-size venues with the same ferocity as opening for the Stones’ crowd of 90,000. In essence, this is exactly what made the great rockers of previous generations so legendary. They forged their talent in sparsely sold basement shows and fought their way tooth and nail to get to the top. But it seems Des Rocs has paid his dues and is ready to ascend to the next level.

His latest single, “I’m the Lightning” off of his latest album Dream Machine is garnering international attention. The track is dominating Rock radio and poised to break into the top 10. For Des Rocs, this achievement is a meaningful milestone in his ever-growing career.

In an exclusive interview, Rocco shared his excitement, “Oh, it’s great. I’ve never had a song get anywhere close to being that high before. There are very few metrics in a rock artist’s career, other than ticket sales, so seeing ‘I’m the Lightning’ make a splash is incredibly rewarding.”

Rocco has been working on music his entire life, but his style just so happens to fit perfectly with today’s cultural happenings. It’s an age-old tale: old becoming new again. Cargo pants, crop tops, and ripped jeans all died out just to be resurrected by a younger generation. In music, the last half decade saw a resurgence of synths and gated drums made popular in the 80s. Pop-punk of the 90s and early 2000s has resurfaced. A series of blockbuster movies, starting with Yesterday in 2018, then Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Elvis in 2022 brought classic rock to a new audience of young people.

In the six months following Bohemian Rhapsody’s release, Queen’s streaming numbers tripled. The band’s albums re-entered the charts to occupy the top two spots atop Billboard’s Top Rock Albums. A new generation has developed an appetite for classic rock and roll. This younger generation also has an insatiable desire for experiences. For the few classic rock bands that remain intact, the demand can’t be fully satisfied due to their age. It is prime time for Des Rocs to make his mark.

Fresh off his sold-out European Tour, Des Rocs is now gearing up for the US leg that kicks off in Florida. Reflecting upon his time overseas, Rocco felt “It was a learning experience overall and what different audiences are like around the world. American audiences all I’ve known in my entire life, so it made me kind of understand just how singular American rock audiences are.”

Des Rocs plays his first show in Tampa on the second stop of his nationwide tour. “It’s going to be a true rock’n’roll experience and journey unlike any you’ve ever experienced in your entire life.” Des Rocs would like fans to know: “I would live and die by every single lyric and every single second of that show.” It is an “intensely spiritual experience for us and we’re profoundly grateful to be able to do it.” Make sure to see it yourself on April 14th at New World Brewery.